Presentation Requirements & Template (10 minutes)

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Here is a link to a sample presentation template. Open and review the template in Google Docs. Once in the document, you may click on “File” and then “Make a copy…”. Please take the following quiz once you have reviewed the template.

Presentation Format

The items below must be organized neatly within a Powerpoint or Google Presentation document ready to be presented at your review meeting.

1) Resume Section
Your resume section of the presentation must include but is not limited to:

  • work experience (all work experience is appropriate)
  • summary list of all art event credits submitted. If for some reason you do not have enough Art Event Credits, or you were unable to participate in any due to COVID 19 disruptions, do not worry! Just indicate the events you did attend, if any.
  • extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, etc.)
  • computer software experience
  • hobbies, significant interests, and or volunteerism
  • name of piece or pieces entered in Annual Student Competition

2) Examples of Artwork
You must include the following:

  • Any project that was presented as a “Keystone” project in your studio classes (Basic Drawing, 2D Design, 3D Design, Figure Drawing) must be presented.  If you need help identifying your Keystone project, ask your professors.  If you have had one or more of these classes you should present all Keystone projects.
  • 10 of your strongest pieces from your course work at ACU. This can include your Keystone projects. Consultation with professors when selecting this work is encouraged.
  • 10 examples of process. We are looking for preliminary sketches, rough comps, early models, etc. We would like to see the ideas you rejected along the path toward final work. Try to avoid showing different stages of the final piece but rather the exploration before you knew what direction you were going.
  • Please be prepared to speak in detail about one or two of your pieces using formal vocabulary learned in your foundation classes.

3) Important Instructions for Presentation

  • If your work is already in digital format you can often save as a JPG and import directly into the presentation software.
  • Photos of your work should be as large as possible and in focus. One image per slide is generally best. You may include multiple images on multiple slides of the same piece if you would like to highlight specific details of the work.
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